Topics on this site center mostly around tech/privacy, music, and photography. Frequency is sporadic and you can follow via RSS if you like.


My early computing days began with a Pentium II machine running Windows 95/98. This was around 2000/2001 so it wasn’t long until I assembled a new Pentium 4 machine and got on Windows XP. Staples from this era include Napster, Winamp, Power Tab, RollerCoaster Tycoon, MySpace, and AIM. Much nostalgia. I wasn’t exposed to GNU/Linux until college. After college, the next move was a Core 2 Duo and Windows 7. Throughout these early years, I tried using GNU/Linux as my daily driver but ultimately went back to Windows to have access to certain programs (Guitar Pro, Adobe stuff). Windows 8 and above never appealed to me. In fact, I hated it. In 2018, I had enough of Windows and switched to GNU/Linux full time. I resolved to find alternatives to the programs exclusive to Windows and if there wasn’t one, I’d use a VM before going back. Mac was also not an option as I’ve never been a fan of their walled garden ecosystem. I choose Linux Mint due to its ease of use and having most of everything I’d need out of the box. While I am technically inclined and could use a more advanced distro, I prefer not to have to tinker much and rather spend my time with other things. I try to use FOSS as much as is practical. Since 2015, I’ve been on a Xeon E3-1231 v3. I’ve now used it longer than any other system and have been thinking of the next move. This time, I’d like to use more open hardware. My next machine will likely run coreboot and hopefully a disabled Intel ME. On mobile, the only option is GrapheneOS and whatever devices it supports.


My primary instrument is guitar. I picked it up in 2003 towards the end of high school and taught myself with the help of the internet and tabs. I also have a bass and digital piano, which I need to practice more. I like playing and recording videos. I post those on Odysee. I use Ardour to record instruments and Kdenlive for video editing. For tabs these days, I use Songsterr most of the time simply due to convenience and not because it is the best. I don’t like all the pushes to create an account or to upgrade to Songsterr Plus. You also can’t even download a tab file. But whenever I want to play for a little bit, it’s cool to have it just a browser tab away. I still think Guitar Pro was the best, but for that I need to start up a VM so it’s just not as handy anymore. Songsterr is good enough despite it being an annoying web app. I still have my Power Tab and Guitar Pro tab library.


While I had used disposable cameras and random point-and-shoot digital cameras before, I didn’t get seriously interested until my first DSLR in 2010. The progression was Canon T2i → Canon 60D → Canon 7D → Canon 5D Mark IV. The 5D is my primary camera now but I also recently added the Canon M6 Mark II along side it. My primary interest is, naturally, live music. I shot film for the first time in 2023 with a Canon AE-1 Program. I use darktable for developing and managing my photos. The main platforms where my photos live are SmugMug and Flickr.