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I last saw Depeche Mode on August 17, 2009 at the Hollywood Bowl. The cost was about $70 in Section S. This time it was almost $400. 😲 I wouldn’t do it if they weren’t one of my favorite bands. With Fletch recently passing, I felt I ought to try and see them again. Once again, tickets were mobile only. In case you’re wondering, the “Add to Google Wallet” doesn’t do anything on GrapheneOS with Sandboxed Google Play services. I also don’t have the wallet app. There is some pop up action but it quickly reverts back to the ticket barcode screen.

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I was just here two weeks ago and parking went up $10?

Memento Mori

I give the new album a 4/5. There isn’t any track that I outright skip (unlike with Spirit and Delta Machine). It’s solid all the way through and to me, that hasn’t happened since Playing the Angel. So kudos to the band for being able to deliver given the circumstances. My favorite tracks are Ghosts Again, Caroline’s Monkey, and People Are Good.

The show

They played 2 hours and 24 songs, which is great, but I wish they varied the setlist some more. Let’s hear Fly on the Windscreen, Behind the Wheel, Home, and Surrender! I got tickets for December 10 so hopefully they play some different songs then. Here’s some footage from my Pixel 6a and the full show audio is here.