Unifi G4 Instant vs G3 Instant

Image quality, detail, and dynamic range is a clear improvement. The G3 looks very fuzzy by comparison. Audio on the G4 is better albeit a little too sensitive in some situations. Indoors it has clipped badly on sudden dog barks. Maybe that will be improved in a firmware update. Conversely, the G3’s audio is very quiet. I’m selling the G3’s but while I have them, I mounted them side by side for a quick shootout:


/posts/images/G3 Instant Day 1.jpg
G3 Instant Day 1
/posts/images/G4 Instant Day 1.jpg
G4 Instant Day 1

/posts/images/G3 Instant Day 2.jpg
G3 Instant Day 2
/posts/images/G4 Instant Day 2.jpg
G4 Instant Day 2

/posts/images/G3 Instant Night 1.jpg
G3 Instant Night 1
/posts/images/G4 Instant Night 1.jpg
G4 Instant Night 1



I have to give a shoutout to unifi-protect-remux. When I went to remove the G3 from Unifi Protect, there was a prompt asking if I wanted to keep the recordings from it. I said “yes” and went ahead and removed the camera. I assumed this meant I’d still be able to view and download the previously recorded clips from within Unifi Protect. This was not the case and all the G3 clips disappeared! Annoyed, I enabled SSH and went to see if I could track down the video files on the Cloud Key. Luckily, the files were still there, but it was now going to be more work to get the specific clips I wanted to use. Ubiquiti uses a proprietary format (".ubv") for the video clips. It’s one giant file with all the clips for each camera and I didn’t know which file was for which camera. So I just copied over all the .ubv files for the dates I knew I needed. Next, I used unifi-protect-remux to extract all the clips into individual .mp4 files. In the end, there were hundreds of files and I had to go through them all to find ones I wanted to use and then also find the matching clip on the other camera. So much extra work! But I’m grateful a tool like this exists.